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We are excited to share that CareHere
is now a Premise Health company.
Inspiring Healthier Futures,
One Patient at a Time
CareHere partners with employers to inspire their employees and families to achieve well-being and health through innovative, quality, cost-effective healthcare solutions delivered with enthusiasm and compassion.
Meet our patients and the CareHere team that serves them.
Employer-Sponsored Healthcare
CareHere specializes in providing healthcare near or at
places of employment, making healthcare easier, better and more affordable.
Challenging Traditional Conventions
CareHere does what's best for the patient and what's best for the client. We are breaking barriers to revolutionize healthcare.

Quality, cost-effective healthcare saves
employers and patients money.


We partner with patients to understand risk factors
and deliver solutions designed to improve health.


Employers save on healthcare costs while improving
productivity and decreasing absenteeism.

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CareHere operates our business based on the principle: “Do what is best for the patient. Do what is best for the client.” Our core values of Service, Innovation, Transparency, Responsibility, and Growth guide us in the quest to fulfill our purpose and mission with integrity.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, CareHere specializes in providing
employer-sponsored healthcare, including municipalities, state governments, and private employers from many industries, by making healthcare easier, better and more affordable.

CareHere manages +200 health and wellness centers in 26 states.
We provide medical services to +110,000 employees and over 225,000 members. Through our model, which integrates wellness and case management with primary and chronic patient care, CareHere provides employers measurable savings in health benefit costs.

Patient-Centered Care & Wellness Centers

Join the future of Healthcare.

We’re setting the standard for healthcare, and we’re setting it high. Our future is bright, and we’re looking for people who will make our patients the main priority.

We believe CareHere is a great place to work. CareHere strives to foster an environment of mutual trust and respect, and our expectation is that our employees practice professionalism, service, innovation, transparency, and integrity.


  • “On April 8, I began the Smoking Cessation program sponsored by the County. Tammie was the facilitator for the program. She is marvelous at her job. I'm still smoke-free and consider myself a non-smoker now thanks to Tammie's support and the group program.”

    Satisfied CareHere member
  • "Thanks for all you do to help us expand our services. I like working with CareHere. All that I am hearing is so good. My Mother, sister, daughter and son-in-law are employees and have used and love the program. They continue to compliment Dr. Emerson."

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • “The CareHere doctor and nurse are incredible! They are so friendly, and they know what they are doing. My health has really improved since I started going to the clinic. The doctor got me started losing weight, eating right, and exercising. The CareHere dietitian, Lauren, is also incredible! She has taught me so much about nutrition and has helped me lose a lot of weight. Other people have told me I have "inspired" them to improve their health. I sent them to CareHere. The wonderful people at CareHere have changed my life. Thanks!”

    Satisfied CareHere member
  • I have been given a second chance on life, and I would like to lead by example and influence my family and friends to live their lives to the healthiest and fullest.

    Satisfied CareHere Member

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