CareHere Kids-Super Kind Caroline

Kind Caroline loves to spread kindness. She understands that kindness means you are concerned about other people. Kind people think about another person’s feelings, and they help those who need it. They are kind, even when others are not. Kind people never expect anything in return. They treat other people with compassion, because they want to help make someone’s life better. Kindness makes the world a nicer place, because it makes people happy.
Do you want to be like Caroline and be kind? Below are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Bring hot cocoa to a friend
  2. Give away some of your old toys to a younger friend or to those in need
  3. Leave a treat for the mail carrier in your mailbox
  4. Give some flowers to someone feeling unwell
  5. Make happy notes on the sidewalk with chalk
  6. Take toys to share the next time you go to the park
  7. Leave birdseed out to feed the birds near you home
  8. Organize a game night for your family
  9. Bake some treats and take them to share with your class
  10. Write a note to tell your teacher you appreciate them

What other kind things can you think of to do?


Super Kind Caroline Coloring Page:

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