Did you Know? Less is more! 

Did you know that “less is more joyful”, especially during the holiday season? We laugh at all those classic holiday movies showing how stressed the entire family gets. Why? Maybe because deep down we can relate to the chaos that this season brings. Sometimes we forget the reason why we celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. The holiday season should bring joy, hope and opportunities to connect with people but somehow this is being lost. How can we enjoy this holiday season with less stress, but more joy?

How about just saying, “No.” You don’t have to accept every invitation that comes your way. Instead, only attend events organized by people who mean the most to you. Treat social events as opportunities to reconnect with your friends and loved ones.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), American adults gain around one pound during autumn and winter, and overweight people may gain more. Don’t let holiday treats cause unwanted weight gain! Consider eating a high fiber or high protein snack before you hit the party so you aren’t famished when you get there.

Instead of obsessing about the food, think about giving people your time and total attention during gatherings. Participate in party games or offer to help organize games for the guests. Smile and laugh more. Laughter releases the “happy” endorphins in your brain and is an effective way to reduce stress.

When you feel stress creeping in, give yourself the gift of a time-out. Stop, sit down, close your eyes and take several long, slow deep breaths in, then exhale slowly. Repeat as long as you need and feel the stress flow right out of you.

Making a few simple adjustments can help make holiday events go from overwhelming to joyful – a much better way to spend our time. Wishing you and yours a fulfilling and joyful holiday season!


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