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Sandy N.

Healthy Hero Sandy Nelson Flyer

Sandi N. decided to start making some changes in late May of 2014, when her scale registered at 205 pounds. She said she couldn’t believe that was her – the person who weighed between 108 and 120 pounds her entire 20’s, 30’s and 40’s! How did this happen? The person who worked out daily and practiced yoga for over 20 years, who ate real food and quit smoking years ago? Again, how could this happen?

Well, it did. Somehow in the last 6 – 7 years, she got off track. Her very busy management position had her working 60 hours a week. Then other family commitments seem to be overwhelming. She made no time for workouts and other things needed, so the pounds started to pile on. Also, she began to think about how fortunate she was to have such great genes and minimal health problems, so why jeopardize health by being overweight. The reasons for this process became clear to her, and this is where she started her change.

Sandi decided to retire in late May of 2014 and promised herself that she would start to work out. She created her own at-home daily workout of about an hour, five mornings a week. She is proud to say that she hasn’t missed one day of this workout, no matter what the day may bring. Sandi feels working out must be a scheduled activity just like going to work each day. She and her husband also joined a local gym and does her hour long work out there three times a week. She said her gym is convenient, open 24/7, and the place is in good condition. All of these help keep her motivated.

Sandi wants anyone reading this to know how important it is to stay focused and also to surround yourself with positive energy. Don’t get caught up in the drama that others bring to the table, and always make sure those around you are positive and a good influence on your life. Sandi suggests putting yourself first, take care of yourself and you will succeed. In speaking of this, she wants to say thanks to her husband. As Sandi started to lose weight and inches and looked at herself in the mirror, she was so proud of her transformation. As her health began changing, the realization of what she looked like before set in. She asked her husband one day why he never said anything about how she was looking. He laughed and said, “I was not going there. I knew that you would see it one day, and if I said anything about it, you probably would have killed me!” As any man knows, it is best to never ask a woman her age or her weight, especially if it is your wife. After that, she gave those words serious thought, thanked her husband for NOT saying anything and letting her figure it out on her own.

Healthy Hero Sandy Nelson Flyer1

Sandi noted, “Thanks to Dr. Glenn Beasley, Candice Morgan, LPN and David Dean, Wellness Coach, all of course with CareHere. This is the best program ever and they have all been there for me, helping me stay on the right course.”

Next for Sandi is to continue working on exercise and proper nutrition and maintain a positive and healthy outlook on life. She believes you can never go wrong if you are on that path. When looking at the before and after photos of herself, she asks which would you rather be? She knows what her answer is. Sandi says, “So believe in yourself and make an agreement with yourself to get healthy.”

Thank you Sandi for being a great role model and for your encouragement to others!

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