Family Corner – Enjoy the holidays with your family

In a perfect world, we would all look to the holidays as an enjoyable season when we connect with our families to celebrate. Unfortunately, it can easily become a stressful time of overscheduling, overindulging and overspending. Consider the following tips to keep the season joyful instead of stressful.

Determine what makes the holiday meaningful to you and your family.

By spending some time figuring out what is important, you can make sure it is included in your celebration. This may change from year to year and it is okay to adjust your plans to fit your changing needs. Who would you like to spend time with? How would you like to spend that time? What brings you joy and what doesn’t? Making plans well in advance can give you something to look forward to and help you feel a greater sense of control.

Make your health a priority.

While all the events and seasonal foods can be exciting, you don’t want to compromise the physical or mental health of the family by overdoing it. Try to incorporate nourishing food choices in with the treats. Give everyone time to relax and get the rest they need. Do your best to stick to daily exercise routines in order to keep your energy levels up. The better everyone feels, the more you will enjoy the season.

The holidays can be chaotic or they can be wonderful, or maybe a little of both! With some thought, planning and a commitment to healthy choices, they can be enjoyable for everyone in the family.

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