How to Deal with Holiday Stress

The time between Halloween and New Year’s is often the busiest of the year for many families. Despite the anticipated joy of the season, most adults report feeling some form of stress during the holiday season. This stress can show itself as fatigue, irritability, anger, bloating, sadness, loneliness or anger.

What causes this stress? Holiday stress can be increased due to lack of money, lack of time, family gatherings, societal pressures of commercialism, concerns about eating healthy and traveling.

How can you have a great 2019 holiday season with less stress? Start with what you can control, you!  This year put a focus on your values and beliefs about the holidays. Think about how you want to spend your time.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy a meaningful holiday season with less stress:

  • Protect your time
    Participate in only those activities that bring you joy and are reasonable for the time you have available.
  • Practice self-care
    Take frequent, short breaks to enjoy a quick walk, an afternoon cup of tea or coffee, read a devotional or do some deep breathing.
  • Practice gratitude
    This year, make a list of all you are grateful for. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to do this. This is an activity that can be done daily, at any time.
  • Focus on relationships (not gifts)
    Instead of shopping, take time to enjoy your friends and family. Set gift limits and plan get togethers, such as potlucks.
  • Make nutritious food choices
    One trick is to fill your plate first with the vegetables on the dinner table, or saving other items for round two when you may not be as hungry.
  • Be active
    Find reasons to get up and move. Dance to holiday music, or walk your neighborhood to see the lights. Be creative!

We at CareHere wish you a happy and healthy holiday season that brings you more joy than stress this year!

Reference: Greenburg, A & Berktold, J. (2006). Holiday Stress. Greenberg Quilan Rosner Research. Retrieved from



Busby Kendle
Manager of Health Coaching Services

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