BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — After months of hard work, the city of Bowling Green held a ribbon cutting Thursday morning for their city care center.

The city of Bowling Green said their goal with the clinic was to be as efficient with taxpayer dollars as possible, while still providing reasonable care for city employees.

Mayor Bruce Wilkerson said an employee committee looked at different options, and helped bring life to the one they were most proud of.

“If you’re an employee and under their insurance program, we’re self-insured, this can be a primary care physician for them. We will be able to delete their copays and they can come to this location.”

The cost to redo the center was around 150 thousand dollars, but the city said they would make that back up in the first few months of operations.

In the clinic’s first year of operations the city expected it to save them 125 thousand dollars.

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