The city of St. Charles School District recently held a grand opening for its new wellness clinic called The Bridge Health Center, according to a press release.

Housed at 2424 Zumbehl Rd., located on the south side of the Lewis & Clark Career Center, The Bridge Health Center is designed to provide primary and preventative healthcare to employees, dependents over the age of two and pre-­Medicare retirees.

The completion and opening of the The Bridge Health Center marks the culmination of two years of planning, preparation and construction on the project.

“The Bridge Health Center was born out of our desire to provide quality care for employees, while addressing the costs of healthcare,” said Dr. Charles Brazeale, assistant superintendent of business and technology. “We first started considering an employee clinic two years ago and have been working with our consultants at CBIZ for the past 18 months to investigate and implement the clinic.”

The Bridge Health Center will offer primary care services with significant cost savings for the patient. This type of cost savings is an obvious benefit to employees and their families.

Additionally, savings are captured and passed on to the school district, savings that will also impact the residents of the city of St. Charles.

“Our estimates are that the district will save two dollars in health expenses in the marketplace for every one dollar spent for The Bridge Health Center,” Brazeale said.

When designing a healthcare solution for its employees, the city of St. Charles School District took two major factors into account: time and convenience. With these concerns in mind, The Bridge Health Center has integrated a system that allows employees to schedule appointments online. Appointments are booked in 20-­minute slots and are never double­booked, leaving an average wait time of two minutes.

“When listening to our employees, we heard that time spent and convenience were big concerns when seeking healthcare,” said Dr. Jeff Marion, superintendent to the city of St. Charles School District. “We feel The Bridge Health Center addresses these concerns in an effective and efficient manner.”

The Bridge Health Center will be managed and operated by CareHere, an independent healthcare company based out of Nashville, Tenn.

“CareHere is honored to have been chosen by the city of St. Charles School District as their partner,” said Ernie Clevenger, president and CEO of CareHere. “Our goal is to provide primary and preventative care resources to help inspire employees and their families to reach their health and wellness goals.”

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