The City of Littleton is partnering with Phil Long Dealerships to maintain a CareHere health clinic for employees. In 2017, the city saved an estimated $154,332 by using the clinic for items such as lab work, medication and office visits, versus the cost of a traditional doctor visit. Similar cost savings were seen in 2018 and the City of Littleton is expecting to see even more savings due to this collaboration between a private and public entity. The partnership will support the employees of both entities while incorporating best practices for the use of tax dollars. “This partnership will also reflect savings in the form of hours spent away from work, early diagnoses and maintaining wellness with low-cost annual check-ups,” said Littleton City Manager Mark Relph.

For seven years, Phil Long Dealerships contracted with CareHere to maintain a health clinic for its employees in the Colorado Springs area and were looking to expand that benefit for its Denver employees. Scott Arnold, chief administrative officer for Phil Long Dealerships said, “It’s unusual for a public entity like the City of Littleton to partner with a private corporation such as Phil Long, so this collaboration is welcome to keep costs low while offering the very best in health care service to our employees.”

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