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  • Nashville International Adds Healthcare Clinic and Wellness Store
    (, Nov 2011)
  • CareHere Partners with American Showa
    (Delaware Gazette, Oct 2011)
  • CareHere Opens State’s First Airport Health Clinic
    (, Oct 2011)
  • Health Care Clinic Opens at Nashville Airport 
    (News Channel 5, Aug 2011)
  • CareHere health clinic to open at Nashville Airport
    (The Tennessean, Aug 2011)
  • CareHere expands educational outreach for providers
    (, July 2011)
  • CareHere! pitches onsite clinics to employers
    (The Tennessean, May 2011)
  • Firms explore health options
    (The Tennessean, June 2011)
  • School district wants budget ideas
    (The Daily Commercial, May 2011)
  • Cities find savings by opening own health clinics for government workers
    (Lake County Schools, May 2011)
  • St. Lucie County employees get a look at newly opened employee clinic
    (TCPalm, February 2011)
  • Pasco County school district to open employee health centers
    (St. Petersberg Times, January 2011)


  • Cities find savings by opening own health clinics for government workers
    (The Palm Beach Post, October 2010)
  • More than the average health clinic in St. Johns County schools
    (The Florida Times-Union, October 2010)
  • Lee County School District may get own school nurses and doctors
    (Fort Myers News-Press, October 2010)
  • New approach to care 
    (Tampa Bay Online, September 2010)
  • Marietta plan would create health clinic for city’s workers
    (Atlanta Journal Constitution, September 2010)
  • Governments start employee health clinics
    (News-Journal, September 2010)
  • Actuaries Believe More Transparency in the U.S. Healthcare System Would Help Bend the Cost Curve Downward 
    (Society of Actuaries, August 2010)
  • Employers stand behind preventive care at the worksite
    (Employee Benefit Advisor, August 2010)
  • Employer Reaction to Health Care Reform: Grandfathered Status Survey
    (Hewitt, August 2010)
  • Pasco schools to open health clinics for workers 
    (The Pasco Tribune, August 2010)
  • Health clinic sees Lee County sheriff’s office staff 
    (Fort Myers News Press, August 2010)
  • County budget workshop concludes
    (Odessa American Online, August 2010)
  • Healthcare Costs and U.S. Competitiveness
    (Council on Foreign Relations, July 2010)
  • Employee clinics: Central Florida governments’ Rx for rising health costs
    (Orlando Sentinel, July 2010)
  • Free Primary Health Care for Snyder’s Employees
    (ABC 27 News, April 2010)
  • CareHere Reintroduces the Company Doctor
    (Nashville Medical News, April 2010)
  • Sheriff’s clinic is a good idea: Editorial
    (The News-Press, April 2010)
  • Lee County sheriff unveils clinic savings
    (The News-Press, April 2010)
  • Sheriff set for health care clinic
    (The News-Press, March 2010)
  • Snyder’s of Hanover to open free health clinic
    (York Daily Record, March 2010)
  • The Health and Wellness Center for city of Oviedo employees is now open
    (Seminole Chronicle, March 2010)
  • Southern Farm Bureau Life’s plan for healthcare improvement 
    (Greater Jackson Business, January 2010)
  • CareHere clinic saving Gainesville money 
    (Gainesville Times, January 2010)


  • City workers slim down to cut costs 
    (Chattanooga Times Free Press, December 2009)
  • CareHere Named to Hot 100 List
    (BusinessTN, November 2009)
  • Montgomery to try employee health clinic
    (Montgomery Advertiser, October 2009)
  • Workplace wellness programs focus on coaching, networking
    (Nashville Business Journal, July 2009)
  • Nashville chamber names Future 50 winners
    (The Tennessean, July 2009)
  • Commissioners approve employee health clinic
    (The Courier of Montgomery County, June 2009)
  • Our views: Coverage for all
    (FloridaToday, June 2009)
  • Palm Bay plays doctor and saves
    (FloridaToday, June 2009)
  • School District Opens Own Health Clinic for Employees
    (First Coast News, May 2009)
  • CareHere Named Best in Business
    (Company Press Release, May 2009)
  • CareHere’s Electronic Medication System Proves 100 Percent Effective in Response to Recall
    (Nashville Business Journal, April 2009)
  • Health-care clinics for government workers may save time, money
    (Orlando Sentinel, March 2009)
  • Private firm to provide health care for county workers 
    (The Houston Chronicle, March 2009)
  • Jobsite Health Clinics Open Door To Savings
    (HealthLeaders InterStudy, February 2009)

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