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Grow your business with convenient employee healthcare you can trust.


CareHere partners with clients to create an environment that will inspire employees and their families to become healthier. By providing private, work-site access to primary and preventive healthcare, we remove many of the barriers that often prevent patients from seeking care in the first place.

Employees and their families no longer have to worry about visit copays, overcrowded waiting rooms, or extra trips to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions. CareHere health centers allow employers to offer their members high quality, no cost, onsite healthcare services, including same-day appointments with little to no wait and on-site medication dispensing*.

Is your employee base located over multiple states, regions, or facilities? CareHere has implemented multiple health center locations for numerous client partners. Does your company have a smaller employee base, but would still like to offer a work-site health center benefit? Nearly a third of our health centers operate under a collaborative agreement between multiple employers, which allows more access for patients and cost sharing for participating employers.

We specialize in making healthcare easier, affordable, and accessible. Encouraging employees and their family members to participate actively in their healthcare is the first step to creating a healthier population.

*CareHere, LLC operates in full compliance with State Pharmacy Laws, State Medical Boards,  State Nursing Boards, and all other laws and regulations relative to the scope of our business and offered services as governed by each respective state in which it operates. Medication dispensing services will be dependent on state specific regulations.


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