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Name: Kelley Langendoerfer

What was your initial health goal?
My initial goal was to lose weight over a year’s time frame to see how much I could get off, be healthy, and be a role model for my daughter.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to make a change to your health.
Well, I have always been a busy, active person, playing softball for 15 years when I was younger, and have fluctuated in my weight my entire life. This time though the motivation was different. I have a daughter that I was not modeling good eating habits for, and that really bothered me. I am 45 years old and the older I get, the more things ache. Let alone we have horses, and how was I going to be able to effectively get on my horse if I needed to dismount and get back on? I was also taking a heartburn pill every day, and that bothered me. I wanted to lead a healthy life, to be able to live longer, retire and not sit around the house to die. Pills are not my thing, and I have no doubt the path I was on was going to lead to high blood pressure, diabetes-any of those conditions which requires constant medication. And, I knew if I did go on any pills, it was my own doing.

Was there an event or moment that motivated you to change?
I would not say a single event, but a combination-moving up a size in clothes, seeing myself in video and pictures, weighing myself, but watching my daughter gain weight was probably the biggest motivator.

Think back to when you decided to make a change, what first step did you start with to improve your health?
I first started exercising, and changing my diet completely. I got rid of all the junk and processed foods. I had been through this process before, so I knew what to do, but figured it was time to do it. I also purchased a book by Dr. Phil which gave me so many good recipes with the proper balance of fat, carbs and protein.

If you’ve attempted to improve your health before, what made this time different?
I think this time I had a bigger motivator, my daughter. Her health is so important, and being a teenager, she will be on her own soon, and I want her to know what she needs to do to live a healthy life.

What strategies or tools did you use to achieve your health goals?
I have done several things-I have my FitBit on me daily to track my steps-I feel accountable to it (thanks Denny!). At first I did not count calories, but I do now in order to stay on track. I still use a lot of the recipes from the Dr. Phil book. I don’t need a huge variety in my diet so the recipes are still serving their purpose. And I have my daughter-who has lost 15 pounds and does remind me from time to time that something I am staring at in the store might not be good to bring home.

What are some of the new healthy habits you have?
I am a pretty routine person-so each morning Monday-Friday I exercise. 3 days of weights, 2 of cardio. I am also active just about each afternoon with the horses and my daughter, and have decided to incorporate some sort of fun, moving activity each Saturday/Sunday. For the most part, I eat every 4 hours each day. When I go out for a meal, I will typically split a meal with my daughter or husband, take half of the meal home, or I will throw half away.

What advice would you give others who are trying to improve their health?

  1. You CAN do it. I have lost 60 pounds, and have stopped taking my heartburn pill. I feel over the next year I will lose another 20-30 pounds to be where I feel comfortable.
  2. Set realistic goals and understand that you might have setbacks, and that is ok.
  3. Make the time to exercise, in the morning if you can. You will feel better throughout the day.
  4. The desire to eat bad doesn’t ever completely go away, but the desire to be healthy far outweighs the desire to eat poorly.
  5. Make whatever you are working on part your daily routine.
  6. Only keep foods in the house that you feel you can eat in moderation. I still eat chocolate (in limited amounts) almost on a daily basis. You don’t have to give up your favorites, just make your favorites a special treat.
  7. If you eat too much of something, or don’t exercise like you should be doing, it’s ok. Nobody is perfect. Just get back in your routine.

How did CareHere or your health coach support you in your efforts?
I am blessed to be on the wellness team, where I hear about positive changes that our patients have had using our health coaches and this is encouraging. Because our company allows us to work from home, it is a bit easier to make the time to exercise. CareHere gave us a FitBit (thanks again Denny!) and also has a great incentive program.

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