Brandi AikenVice President, Population Health Management


    Brandi Aiken is Vice President of Population Health Management and leads the Wellness and Health Initiatives team to implement evidenced-based, data-driven health strategies to improve patient health. Brandi believes that a patient-centered approach to health strategy is critical to seeing an improvement in health and that with consistency, this approach leads to a decrease in claims cost over time.



    Brandi began in the health field 22 years ago working in the area of mental health and has worked in the area of wellness for the past 8 years. Mrs. Aiken obtained her Registered Nursing education from the University of North Georgia and is licensed in the State of Georgia. She is also a graduate of Georgia Southwestern University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Mrs. Aiken is active in her community supporting adults with developmental disabilities and promoting a healthy lifestyle to teenagers in her community of Atlanta, Georgia.

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