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These testimonials were taken from patient satisfaction surveys/case studies.


    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • The health center has given my husband and I a convenient (and free!) option to receive prompt care for somewhat urgent but non-emergency issues. Because of the annual blood work, my husband has become much more aware of his risk of diabetes and makes better choices about diet and exercise as a way to prevent the onset of this disease.

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • The Center has made it very convenient for our family to address our medical issues.

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • Member Testimonial
  • I have learned valuable information through CareHere Connect to help improve my health.

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • CareHere has made me more health-conscious. I've started exercising and paying more attention to my blood work.

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • I love this clinic because of the excellent care I am given.

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • I've had the opportunity to have Julie as my health coach for the last few months. Just want you to know, I think she did a great job inspiring me and getting me the information to help me in my struggle to get this weight down. Her expertise is very evident, and if I have to go through this again I hope to be fortunate enough to have her as my coach again. Thank you. And thank you Julie!

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • The money I save is incredible! The scheduling is easy, very little wait time, I don't have to sit in a waiting room full of sick people, I get my medications before I leave, I can get blood work done, and it all works with my busy schedule.

    Manufacturing Employee
  • Our experience with CareHere has been phenomenal … Since we have put our clinic in operation a little over a year ago, our team members have loved the benefit … It's enabled us to lower the cost of healthcare, and provide a much better benefit for our team members.

    Human Resources Manager
  • The implementation of the CareHere On-Site Health Centers for our employees has been instrumental in keeping our claims trend increase to a minimum compared to the national average. In addition, the HRA process we use in our clinics has saved lives and made our staff healthier and more productive. Our employees have a very cost-effective way to help our district keep premiums low while gaining access to good healthcare through CareHere.

    Deputy Director of Schools
  • I don't have to stress out about getting appointments or medication. I get in and everything is taken care of in just one visit. I really love that.

    City Employee
  • I have never been one to go to the doctor. Even if I was sick and needed to, it always seemed like a burden. I know now that I will be taken care of by people who care for me. My health has improved and so has my overall look at the healthcare industry.

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • I have been given a second chance on life, and I would like to lead by example and influence my family and friends to live their lives to the healthiest and fullest.

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • “The CareHere doctor and nurse are incredible! They are so friendly, and they know what they are doing. My health has really improved since I started going to the clinic. The doctor got me started losing weight, eating right, and exercising. The CareHere dietitian, Lauren, is also incredible! She has taught me so much about nutrition and has helped me lose a lot of weight. Other people have told me I have "inspired" them to improve their health. I sent them to CareHere. The wonderful people at CareHere have changed my life. Thanks!”

    Satisfied CareHere member
  • "Thanks for all you do to help us expand our services. I like working with CareHere. All that I am hearing is so good. My Mother, sister, daughter and son-in-law are employees and have used and love the program. They continue to compliment Dr. Emerson."

    Satisfied CareHere Member
  • “On April 8, I began the Smoking Cessation program sponsored by the County. Tammie was the facilitator for the program. She is marvelous at her job. I'm still smoke-free and consider myself a non-smoker now thanks to Tammie's support and the group program.”

    Satisfied CareHere member

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